Deep Ocean Cosmetics supports the research of the Shelltone Whale Project, whose "Lost Link" mission embodies the values and philosophy of our company.
Members of the Shelltone Whale Project research team, who share their lives with great cetaceans, helped us develop the formulation of our WhaleSong moisturizer, which they use on a daily basis.


In all the world’s seas, humpback whales have, for thousands of years, nurtured bonds with the men who live on the coastal areas where they live, and these bonds still exist today.
Throughout the World, we observe how humpback whales wish to approach men, to spend time with them, to swim with them, to exchange their music with them, their sound … everywhere except in the Caribbean…


To understand this, we must look back in history where we realise that the links that whales have with the first tribes are several millennia old.

Thus the Tinglits of North West America, South East Australian Aborigines, Kaikoura Maori, Mayumba people in West Africa, Hawaiians, Polynesians and many others have been able to forge powerful links, based on respect and interaction with these whales.

In the Caribbean, the pre-columbian peoples certainly had these same links with humpback whales, and these whales considered these people as their family, until 1492 …
In 1492, the arrival of Europeans spelled doom for these these civilizations, Kalinagos, Caraibes, Tainos, Arrawaks, these people were gradually exterminated or assimilated, their culture and their spirituality destroyed. The whales experienced this genocide of their “family” as a trauma. Since then, a real defiance has formed when faced when these “new” humans which now populate the Caribbean.


Musical interaction with Caribbean humpback whales is the key to renewing dialogue with these animals... recreating the link.

The three areas of work :

- On a daily basis, the Shelltone Whale Project team practices interspecies communication with humpback whales in Guadeloupe using the Shelltone to gradually establish a musical dialogue between whales and humans. Playing music daily with whales allows us create a special relationship with them and thus approach them, and reconnect on an intimate level.
- At the Petit Bourg School of Music, we are in the process of creating an orchestra of young musicians who will learn whale music, which we will then take to sea to play with them.
- We will meet musicians and scientists from other Caribbean islands where humpback whales live, in order to initiate multidisciplinary exchanges.